Information on the Geomechanics Colloquium regarding the COVID-19 situation

The COVID-19 situation might affect also the Geomechanics Colloquium scheduled to be held in October 2020.

In Austria, any movement in public places is currently restricted to a large extent. The government forces the citizens to self-isolation. They only allow social contact to people with whom one lives together.

So far, events of any kind are prohibited until end of June 2020, and for us it is not possible to predict the situation to exist in autumn this year. We still stick to our plans to hold the Geomechanics Colloquium. But we follow the development of the situation and the measures by the government and the WHO carefully.

To allow our sponsors, exhibitors and participants for a timely planning of their appointments in autumn, we will decide upon the Geomechanics Colloquium with beginning of July 2020 latest. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding.

In case you have questions or requests, feel free to contact us any time.

Thank you for your time and keep well!

Board of the Austrian Society for Geomechanics

Geomechanics Colloquium

The annual geomechanics colloquium has developed as an important meeting point for experts in Central Europe. The event with the associated exhibition usually attracts over 800 participants annually, making it one of the largest annual events in the field of geomechanics worldwide.

Impressions Colloquium 2019

With this video we would like to give you a short impression of our colloquium from last year


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The Austrian Society for Geomechanics

The organizer of the Ceomechanics Colloquium

Austrian Society for Geomechanics

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A group of Austrian experts started in the fifties of the 20th century to deal with rock engineering. This group was also called Salzburg Circle. As early as 1951 Leopold Müller organized a Colloquium about rock engineering and technological questions in Salzburg. In 1962 the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) was founded in Salzburg. Leopold Müller was the first president of the ISRM. The Austrian Society for Geomechanics (OeGG) was founded in 1968 as national group of the ISRM.

The aims of the Society are the promotion of scientific research in all fields of geological and geotechnical engineering, establishing and maintaining links to related societies, the exchange of experience with all those involved in geotechnical research, construction, and administration, the improvement of design and construction methods, and last but not least the elaboration and publication of papers and guidelines.

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